Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Random Post

What happen with me tonight? Although I have many things to do, but I still keep updating my blog. I'm such a lazy student *sigh*
Well tonight I'm gonna flash back my memories when I was a child. Innocent child lol. Here is the picture below. Check this out!

My older sister, my brother, me, My younger sister (I'm such a cutie right? lol)

My younger sister, my older sister, my brother, and of course me ;)

Back then,the oldiest time. Happy family :) (forget whose birthday is this)

When seeing all these photos, I'm really want to go to my child time. When all I'm doing is playing around, laughing, cheer on, and another happy stuff. Yeah this is a weird situation in human being. When they still a child, they want to grow up. But when they already grown up, they want to go back again to be a child.


  1. that's my bdae! how dare you forgot it. =.=

  2. ooo sorry2 hahaa, udh brp puluh taon yg lalu y lupalah gw -,-


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