Monday, May 4, 2015

River Zoo Singapore

HEY! Actually this picture was from a longg time ago but I just manage to write it now lol. Here is me in the river zoo, Singapore. Its been a long time since I go to actual zoo before.. and this zoo is really epic because they have a big animals inside, but only a few of it tho..
Not sure how to get there as my brother in law fetch me to go there by car so.. you have to take taxi or else you can’t reach there because there is no bus stop or mrt near the zoo.

First of all when we got there, we buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as we scared that we might be hungry later but we still don’t want to eat heavy food yet. The ice cream is really nice but quite expensive : (
But if in any case that you are hungry, there is a panda theme restaurant inside that sell panda bun etc, which everything shape in panda.
Cheat tips for you. If you don’t want to spend more money when you go there, you can always bring snacks or food to go inside because when I go there, they never check our bag lolol (but I never do that tho…)
As the title said, it’s a river zoo so there are so many fish in there. The main animal in there that many people wanted to see was the panda and the humongous alligator. I have never seen such a big alligator in my entire life!
Look at that alligator! Compare to my not-so-small body, its really huge. First of all when I saw it, I thought it’s a fake alligator because it never move. BUT then it move… and I was so amazed by it like.. omg wow. JUTS. WOW. :o
There is a restaurant too inside the zoo with the panda theme, but of course it will be more expensive than the outside store.. so we didn’t eat in there lol.

Even this is a river zoo, there are some animal that lived in the land as well. For the price.. I’m not sure because my cousin bought me the ticket as a gift so.. its FREE!! Lolol. I’m such a happy woman.
As it is the most animal that all visitors wanted to see, they also have a store for panda collection such as a mug, doll, chopstick, etc.
And.. inside there is really a river too! When I got there, its really windy so the weather is really perfect for you to go out and look around at the zoo.


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